Robinhood Alternatives for UK Investors (2023)

robinhood alternatives uk

We will share the top 4 Robinhood alternatives for UK investors in this post. Robinhood has revolutionised the way that individuals like you and I can access the stock market. Once only accessible by high stakes investors and the rich, the Robinhood model has opened up the market and made it possible for small-stakes, ‘ordinary’ … Read more

Green Savings Bonds: What is it and how to invest?

green savings bonds

Whether you’re already asking yourself, “Should I invest in green savings bonds?”, or you simply want to know a little more about this asset class, we’re here to help. Today we’re looking at the basics behind the brand new Green Savings Bonds in the UK, and everything you need to know to make a smart … Read more

What are Meme Stocks? (Everything You Need to Know)

meme stocks

The 2020s have brought us some interesting times. For the financial markets, perhaps one of the strangest phenomena to arise this decade so far has been the birth of ‘meme stocks’. In fact, some have declared this the meme stock era! In a financial world that’s certainly less predictable than anyone could have guessed, what … Read more

Investing in Stock Market (Beginner’s Guide)

investing in stock market

Do stocks, index funds, and asset allocation have you scratching your head? Look no further- here’s your beginner’s guide to investing in the stock market. It’s easier than you think, and one of the most effective ways you have to grow your wealth. Let’s get started! The bare basics of investing in the stock market … Read more

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

socially responsible investing

Is socially responsible investing (or ethical investing) just a buzzword? Today we break down the pros and cons of socially responsible investing(SRI), what is spurring its growth, and whether your diversified portfolio needs an SRI fund or two to bolster your market position. What is socially responsible investing? At its core, socially responsible investing merely … Read more

What are Dividend Stocks?

dividend stocks

What are dividend stocks? How do dividends work? Do you need them in your portfolio? Today we take a look at this sometimes-confusing asset class and what investment portfolios it works best in. What are dividend stocks? Dividends are payments made to shareholders based on the incoming profits of a business, a kind of profit … Read more

Are Bonds a Good Investment in 2023?

bond investment

Are bonds a good investment in 2022? Bonds have long since played a key role in the advised portfolio diversification for those looking to make solid long-term investments. Representing the balance point between safe, but poor returns, from cash and the more volatile, yet higher earning potential of stocks, many have been pushed towards bond … Read more