Why is Gold Valuable? Reasons We Value Gold

why gold is valuable

The yellow metal has long been seen as a solid investment. Unlike other assets, gold retains its value in times of financial turmoil and natural disasters. Gold is a dense metal that is malleable and ductile. It also has high density and high electrical conductivity. It’s naturally occurring in the Earth’s crust in trace amounts … Read more

Costs of Buying a House in the UK in 2023

costs of buying house uk

If you’re thinking of buying a house in the United Kingdom, it’s important to be aware of the various costs and fees that will be involved. There are both upfront costs and ongoing costs, which can add up to a significant amount of money. In this article, we’ll take a look at each of these … Read more

Impact of Technology on Financial Services and Investing

impact of technology on financial services

The impact of technology on financial services has been enormous. The rise of the internet, mobile banking and payment systems and digital currencies have all had a huge impact on the way people interact with banks and financial institutions. ‍ There has also been a shift in financial services and investing due to changing client … Read more

5‍ Foundations of Personal Finance for Beginners

5 foundations of personal finance

5‍ foundations of personal finance will help you get a handle on your financial future. Many young adults struggle to deal with their personal finances. Personal finance is more than just balancing checkbooks and tracking expense categories; it’s an opportunity to take control of your long-term financial future. Good personal financial management habits can be … Read more

What is Decentralised Finance? (DeFi)

bitcoin decentralised finance

DeFi or decentralised finance is the umbrella term for financial services that are not controlled by a single entity. It can also be referred to as a distributed ledger system or a peer-to-peer network. The technology behind decentralised finance is called blockchain; it’s essentially an online ledger that no single user controls. Defi is one … Read more

What is the Sentiment Cycle?

sentiment cycle

As you get comfortable with the world of investing, you’re bound to encounter the term ‘sentiment cycle’. What is this key part of the business cycle, and how does it affect your investment strategy? Let’s take a closer look. What are the market cycles? This key concept in behavioural economics refers to the ‘emotional’ aspects … Read more