Wondering if £35,000 a year is a good salary in the UK? We’ll discuss things like living costs in various parts of the UK, taxes that you’ll need to pay, and typical earnings for different jobs. Our aim is to help you figure out if £35,000 a year is a good salary for your situation.

Let’s delve into the details of what earning £35k means in the UK in 2023.

Is 35k a Good Salary in the UK?

35k can be considered a good salary in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average salary in the UK in 2022 for all employees was £27,756. For full-time workers, the average salary was £33,000. This means that a salary of £35k is above the average for both full-time and part-time UK workers. However, the value of a salary is not only determined by its comparison to the national average. Other factors, such as the cost of living, education level and experience, and the job industry, can significantly influence the value of a salary.

For instance, the cost of living varies significantly depending on your location. In areas with high housing costs or transportation expenses, a £35k salary may not stretch as far. London, for example, is known for its high cost of living, and salaries there tend to be higher than in other areas. Therefore, a £35k salary might not be considered as good in London as it would be in other parts of the UK.

How much is £35k after tax?

When considering the value of a £35k salary, it’s essential to factor in taxes. In the UK, the basic tax rate for earnings between £12,571 to £50,270 is 20%. Therefore, if your salary is £35k per annum, you will fall into this tax bracket and will be subject to a 20% tax rate. After paying taxes, your annual net income would be approximately £27,600. This reduction in gross salary due to taxes means that you will have less disposable income than expected, which can affect your overall quality of life.

Monthly, Weekly, and Hourly Breakdown of a £35,000 Salary

• Monthly: o Gross Salary: £35,000/12 = £2,916.67 o Net Salary (after tax and national insurance): £27,600/12 = £2,300

• Weekly: o Gross Salary: £35,000/52 = £673.08 o Net Salary (after tax and national insurance): £27,600/52 = £530.77

• Hourly (based on a standard 40-hour work week): o Gross Salary: £673.08/40 = £16.83 o Net Salary (after tax and national insurance): £530.77/40 = £13.27

Please note that the net salary is an estimate, actual take-home pay can vary depending on personal circumstances such as pension contributions or student loan repayments.

Can you live off a £35k salary?

Living off a £35k salary in the UK is possible, but the comfort level will depend on various factors. Here are three different scenarios that can significantly impact your ability to live off a £35k salary:

Having Dependents

If you have dependents, such as children or elderly parents, your expenses will likely be higher. Childcare, education, healthcare, and other related costs can add up quickly and may put a strain on a £35k salary.

However, careful budgeting and financial planning can help manage these costs effectively. It’s also worth noting that certain benefits and tax credits may be available to help support families with dependents.

Carrying Debt

If you’re carrying significant debt, such as student loans, credit card debt, or personal loans, this will impact your disposable income. Debt repayments can take a substantial portion of your salary, reducing the amount you have left for living expenses.

It’s crucial to factor in these repayments when considering whether a £35k salary is sufficient. If your debt repayments are high, you may need to consider strategies for reducing your debt or lowering your interest rates.

Location You Live

The cost of living varies significantly across the UK. In regions with high living costs, such as London or the South East, a £35k salary might not stretch as far as it would in areas with lower living costs.

Housing, transportation, groceries, and even leisure activities can all cost more in these areas. Therefore, while a £35k salary might be more than sufficient in some parts of the UK, it may be challenging to live off in more affluent areas.

How much rent can you afford on a 35k Salary?

As a general rule, it’s recommended that no more than 30% of your gross income should go towards housing costs. This includes rent and utilities. Based on a £35k salary, this would equate to approximately £875 per month.

However personal circumstances and financial commitments will influence how much you can comfortably afford to spend on rent.

For instance, if you have significant outgoings in other areas, such as loan repayments or high commuting costs, you may need to allocate less for the rent. On the other hand, if your other outgoings are minimal, you might be able to afford a slightly higher proportion of your income for housing.

Can You Buy a House on 35k Salary?

The ability to buy a house on a £35k salary will depend on several factors, including the price of the property, the size of the deposit you have saved, your other financial commitments, and the terms of the mortgage you can secure.

Typically, mortgage lenders will offer between 4-4.5 times your annual income, which would be equal to a mortgage of around £140k-£157.5k on a £35k salary. However, this is subject to affordability checks and your credit score.

Remember, you will also need a deposit, usually at least 10% of the property’s value, and you’ll need to account for additional costs such as stamp duty, solicitor’s fees, and survey costs.

In areas where property prices are lower, it might be possible to buy a house on a £35k salary. However, in high-cost areas such as London, it may be more challenging. It’s always advisable to speak to a mortgage advisor or financial advisor to understand your options fully.

What Jobs Pay £35k Salary?

The UK job market is diverse, with many roles offering a salary around the £35k mark. These roles span various industries and require different levels of education and experience. Here are a few examples:

  1. Teaching Professionals: Many teaching roles, particularly for those with a few years of experience, can offer salaries of around £35k. This includes primary and secondary school teachers, special education professionals, and further education teachers.
  2. Healthcare Practitioners: Certain roles in the healthcare sector, such as registered nurses, occupational therapists, and some allied health professionals, can earn salaries around this mark.
  3. IT Professionals: The technology sector is known for its competitive salaries. Roles such as junior software developers, IT consultants, and systems analysts often have salaries around the £35k range.
  4. Engineering Professionals: Junior to mid-level roles in various engineering disciplines, including civil, mechanical, and electrical, may offer salaries of around £35k.
  5. Financial and Insurance Professionals: Roles such as financial analysts, insurance underwriters, and junior accountants can often have a salary of around £35k.
  6. Interior designers: Mid-level interior designer professional with several years of experience in the field can earn around £35,000 per year in the UK. This salary reflects their expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, balancing client needs with design principles. Working in this salary range, they may be employed by a design firm.

Salaries can vary depending on factors such as location, level of experience, and the specific sector within an industry.

Is £35k enough to live in London?

London is known for its high cost of living compared to other parts of the UK. Housing, in particular, is significantly more expensive, with higher rents and property prices. The average rent for a 1 bedroom for apartment in London City Centre is £2,070.16. This leaves almost no disposable income for other expenses for person who earns 35k gross income a year.

Other costs, such as transportation, groceries, and leisure activities, can also be higher.

On a £35k salary, living in London is not entirely impossible. Although it can be challenging sometimes. It will require budgeting and potentially making compromises, such as living in a shared house or in a less central area.

It’s also worth noting that salaries in London tend to be higher to offset the higher cost of living. Therefore, while £35k is above the national average, it’s closer to the average salary in London.

Tips for Living with £35,000 Salary

You can make the best out of a £35k salary with careful financial planning, budgeting, and investing properly. Here are some tips:

  1. Budget Carefully: Understanding your income and expenses is the first step towards effective financial management. Prioritize essential costs such as housing, utilities, groceries, and transportation. Use budgeting tools or apps to track your spending and identify areas where you might be able to cut back. Regularly review and adjust your budget to reflect changes in your income or expenses.
  2. Save and Invest: Aim to save a portion of your income each month. This could be for a specific goal, such as a holiday or a new car, or for a rainy day fund to cover unexpected expenses. Consider investing to grow your wealth over time. Using investment platforms can be a cost-effective way to invest in financial markets. These platforms often offer a range of investment options to suit different risk appetites and investment goals. Always do your research and consider seeking advice from a financial advisor if you’re new to investing.
  3. Minimize Debt: High-interest debt can eat into your disposable income. Aim to pay off debts as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary borrowing. If you have multiple debts, consider which ones are costing you the most and prioritize paying these off. Look for ways to reduce your interest rates, such as balance transfers or debt consolidation loans.
  4. Plan for the Future: Consider your long-term financial goals, such as buying a home or retirement, and plan accordingly. This might involve setting up a pension or a regular savings plan. Regularly review your financial goals and adjust your plans as necessary.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and what works for one person might not work for another. It’s important to find a financial strategy that suits your individual needs and goals.


£35k is a good salary in the UK and higher than the national average. Various factors, including the average national salary, the cost of living in different cities of the UK, and the industry you work can affect the life quality it can offer.

Smart budgeting and financial planning can always make your pounds stretch further.

It’s essential to consider all these factors and plan your budget accordingly to ensure you can meet your needs and maintain a comfortable lifestyle with a 35k salary in the UK.

£35k Salary FAQ

Is 35k a good salary for a graduate?

For a graduate, a £35k salary is considered quite competitive, as it is higher than the average entry-level salary in many industries.

Is 35k a year middle-class UK?

A £35k salary in the UK could be considered middle class, as it falls near the median income level, but the classification might vary based on factors like location and household size.

Is 35k a good salary in Scotland?

In Scotland, where the cost of living is generally lower than in many parts of the UK, a £35k salary is typically considered good, and one can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Is 35k a good salary for a single person?

For a single person, a £35k salary is usually sufficient to cover living expenses and afford a decent lifestyle, provided they budget wisely and live within their means.

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